Sunday, May 24, 2015

"Nobody rides for free"

Iggy Pop once sang that he was the passenger who would ride all around town, watching the people and the streets out of a clear glass window. The song debuted on the Lust For Life album back in 1977 as part of Pop's "Berlin Trilogy" (not to be confused with David Bowie's "Berlin Trilogy", as the two collaborated together in Germany for their albums).

The Beatles wrote some girl had a ticket to ride and didn't care. The song was on their Help! album and boy, did they need it.

Why do I bring this up? Because I had my own passenger yesterday that didn't have a ticket to ride. He obviously didn't care, either.

A (bigish) gecko decided to hitch a ride on my car whilst I drove around Fort Myers. This lizard is more on the "crap, that's a baby dinosaur" side than "look at the cute gecko!" side. I've seen so many different shaped monsters around here, but none have been as ballsy as to stay on my car for 5 hours.

Honest truth - my cousin and I had come out of a hair and beauty shop when the little guy was noticed. He was chillin on my grille, minding his business. We had a good laugh at him because he was bigger than we've seen the past 24 hours, yet, when we tried to swat him away, he wouldn't budge. He would just move to another part of the grille, mind his own, and be done with us. There was a point where I wish I were filming it, because my cousin sat on the ground and tried poking him out with a stick. Again, he wouldn't budge... until she must have poked the wrong end and he jumped on her, to then jump back in the car. He moved to another section and we gave up. "Let him get out on his own. It's 90 degrees out and he'll burn soon enough if he stays stubborn". The whole time, I kept saying to him "ass, gas or grass, mother hutcher. No one rides for free" because he was just adamant about staying in my car.

We went on to the next stop and did some more shopping. Came out to find him on the front left tire, waiting. Really? Come on.... go away. Again, we tried swatting him off and he just went deeper into my car.

At the end of the day, he disappeared. We don't know when he got off the car, or even if he didn't. We just know he stopped showing us he was still hanging out.

Fun times in Florida, I swear!


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