Sunday, March 22, 2015

Photography's technology

Photography keeps changing. Every day a new type of lens comes out for a digital camera body kit. Old kits are becoming discontinued as quickly as point and shoots are being produced with easy smartphone access. 35mm film cameras have gone by the wayside as you rarely can find film in stores, as it's all online. Try developing that roll - you can't. What do you do? Do an internet search on a major "retailer" site that is currently taking big box stores off the market.

That's why I still love my old Canon Rebel 35mm film camera. It's been a discontinued model for years already, and I'm learning the Rebel T3 DSLR I bought only 3 years ago is another Canon model that has sadly disappeared. That's okay; it looks like the Canon EOS Rebel T5 could be the next upgrade I get for the EOS Rebel series, providing this one doesn't go away any time soon. Not that I'm in a rush to get a new camera, mind you. I am still learning something new every day on the one I have. I'm still investing time and money in to it.