Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ever changing technology?

While doing my weekend errands around Fort Myers this morning, I realized something: The way our society (and culture) "adapts so quickly" to new technology, some things really aren't that new. 


A little RFID beacon called Speedpass.

Speedpass and the activation sign

The little wand turned the gas station market on it's filling up head in 1997 by way of Mobil and later Exxon. The chip, when placed next to the sign at the pump, activated the user's credit card (on file) and the patron was able to fill up with the flick of a signal. Or, use it in the store part of the gas station for chips or drink (legal of age residents: smokes and booze).

It was a nifty little keychain gadget for the time. I think everyone "bought" into the hype and some people might still use it, some 18 years later. I know I had one when I started driving (showing my age here, gosh!) because my parents had a couple of the fobs. Every so often, I would stop in Mobil, wave the want in front of the sign, and fill the car up. At least when my parents got the bill, they knew what I was up to... way before cell phones and GPS devices were attached to everyone's hip.